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Management Team

The Birth Of Jewellery Marvels

It would be an understatement to say that internet has taken over everything. And we’re pleased to announce that we welcome its tides here as well. So presenting you some good news…we’ve gone e-based! That’s right! Your favourite brand of jewellery is now just a click away! We’ve expanded our motto- not just enhancing your beauty but comfort as well. Now you can have your favourite designs at your doorstep regardless of any geographical, climatic or regional barriers.

We are a fine jewellery company with three core beliefs: bespoke services for all, fine craftsmanship, and revolutionary prices.

Hardik Shah and Pankhuri Shah had a dream to make designer jewellery accessible to all those who desired at a reasonable price. So we designed a platform where people could select their desired jewellery from the comfort of their homes. Add that with your favourite designer jewellery and what do we get? A perfect match!

In our voyage to the future, HD Jewellery Marvels has been moving towards a world of innovation and exceptional standards. With its headquarters in Surat, the Group is synonymous with luxury, style and comfort.

JEWELLERY MARVELS was founded with the aim of taking HD Jewellery Marvels A RENOWNED JEWELLERY BRAND TO ONLINE REACH FOR THE PEOPLE. To make it accessible to each and every customer who wanted something trendy and different was our motto.

We wanted JEWELLERY MARVELS to work as an e-channel for all the brands from the house of HD Jewellery Marvels. It also catered to bring them closer to the products that help them mark the moments of their lives.

Why jewellery marvels? You would ask. And we would answer as follows:

  • The Excellent Selection
  • The Most Gorgeous Designs
  • The Perfect Jeweller For Customizations
  • 100% certified jewellery
  • 30 day refund and lifetime changes
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Transparent pricing

And the most important of all:

  • Our direct love to you
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