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Gifting Guide

Akshaya Tritiya - The Festival of Gold.

In India almost each and every festival is celebrated by giving and receiving gifts, for example- On Diwali people gift gold coins to their relatives. The same goes with Rakshabandhan, when the sister ties rakhi to his brother, he in return gifts something to her as a token of love. We, the people of India will find any reason to give gifts to our family & what is a better gift than a jewellery product?!

While gifting gold products is a part of soo many festivals across the India, some of the festivals are celebrated just to buy and gift gold! One such festival is Akshaya Tritiya. Akshaya Tritiya is the day when Lord Kubera the god of wealth received his riches from Lord Shiva. Akshaya Tritiya is considered as a perfect day to buy and gift gold.

But the main question is that how do you select the right Akshaya Tritiya gift for someone?

The answer is pretty simple, you should always buy a gift which is thoughtful and it should be something that the receiver will love to have. Here are few tips and ideas for you to help you select the perfect gift for someone.

Why Gold Jewellery?

What comes to your mind when you think about the word gold? Of course, jewellery made up of gold. Gold jewellery is the best form of investment, you can wear it and you can also use it as an asset. Also there is a huge variety of gold products in the Indian market to choose from such as earrings, pendants, chains bracelets etc.

How to choose jewellery as a gift on Akshaya Tritiya?

Before buying jewellery for any occasion one must set a budget, same goes when buying gold jewellery for Akshaya Tritiya. Setting a budget helps you not to overspend. Never ever select a gift that the receiver wouldn’t like to wear, you should always go for something that the receiver would love to wear. It must go with their style and taste, you must observe them before buying the jewellery for them.

Age is also a factor which you have to keep in mind while selecting jewellery as a gift. For example if you’re buying jewellery for a small kid you cannot buy a chunky piece of jewellery. You will have to select a simple a small piece of jewellery so that it is easy for the kid to wear it as a kid cannot wear or take care of a big chunky jewellery piece. But in case you’re buying jewellery for a lady you can buy a chunky piece of jewellery but only if she likes it, you will always have to observe that what kind of taste the person has. If the lady you’re buying jewellery for does not like big chunky pieces of jewellery you will have to select something simple and elegant. Buying jewellery on Askhaya Tritiya doubles the investment so it is better to buy plain gold ornaments so that the resale value is high.        

Why not buy Religious Pendants and Rings to Match the Festive Mood?

As we know that Akshaya Tritiya is a religious festival, why not buy a jewellery product having religious motifs. For example a Ganesha pendant or an Om pendant. You can also buy Shree Krishna’s Flute, it totally depends on the deity the one worships who you’re gifting it to. For so many people religious jewellery is a source of strength and hope. People having faith in god will love to wear something having religious motifs.

For example if you’re buying jewellery for someone who worships Lord Shiva, you can go for a jewellery having Trishool or Damroo motifs. You can also buy an Om symbolled pendant for a Hindu or Buddhist person. You can easily find these type of religious jewellery all over the internet, you just have to find out what do you want and for whom do you want. Just observe the interests of the receiver.

Gold Coins are also a good option!

Buying a gold product of equal value for all your family members is always a good idea. In this case you can buy gold coins because gold coins are available in a wide range of weight and budget. They are great gift for both men and women of all ages. You can even gift it to a child and later you can get it turned into a jewellery product. These coins are easily available at any jewellery store mostly embossed with the image of deity on either side.  

We hope the above tips and guidelines will help you buy gold gifts for your loving ones this Akshaya Tritiya.

Who likes what?

When you’re buying a jewellery product for someone else you must keep in mind the taste and the choice of the person. For example if you’re gifting jewellery to a girl who loves flowers you can buy a jewellery product having floral motifs for her and she’ll surely love it.

For a young family member you can go for something fashionable. If you’re buying jewellery for your grandmother who is religious you can go for jewellery having religious motifs. You just have to choose something that the receiver will cherish forever.

Body Type of the Wearer

A person’s body type plays a very important role while selecting jewellery for them. Long drop earrings suits best on round faces and broad studs suits best on long faces. Slim bangles stacked together is a nice idea for a person with slender/thin wrists. If you want to buy a jewellery as a gift for someone take a close look at the person’s body type so that you can buy best suitable jewellery for them.

Working Styles

It is very important to think about the lifestyle of the person you’re buying the jewellery product for. For example if someone works all day long in a corporate office it is nearly impossible for them to wear heavy gleaming jewellery, you must find something subtle and elegant for them which Is simple and small. So that they can wear it to their office. For a college student trendy jewellery such as multi finger rings are ideal.

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