A collection for women who, despite having a routine to follow, do not settle for the ordinary or obvious but go out of their way to make their everyday as exciting as it can be. They understand the ‘fine line’ of difference between average and amazing. Chic, trendy hep and edgy, the Fine Line collection from Tanishq draws inspiration from geometry. It consists of minimalistic, uncomplicated designs incorporating playful elements, exuberant designs and characteristics .The unique pieces from this range have free flowing shapes - spirals, circles and straight lines - often criss-crossing their way to create modish designs. Sleek and elegant, every piece of the Fine Line collection has an enchanting appeal for the sassy fashionista who loves experimenting with edgy designs!

The collection perfectly complements she who is edgy, trendy and smart, and goes well with her western and ethno-contemporary ensembles. Sleek, elegant designs, crafted in 18K gold and studded with diamonds, pink sapphires and white topaz, come together to make a range so stylish, they won’t be able to get their eyes off you!